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Brain Baking
/breɪn ˈbeɪkɪŋ/ Noun

Brain Baking: transforming  personal iconpersonal  thoughts about thoughts into  lightbulb iconwell-digestible material. The reflective aroma of burnt nervous tissue. Includes a crispy crust of relations between   code icontechnology notebook iconphilosophy  and  tags iconthe world .

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Hey! I'm Wouter Groeneveld, a level 35 Brain Baker living in Belgium. I currently find myself teaching, writing, programming, researching, and of course baking bread! Brain Baking is my way to inspire myself and others to ponder and learn.
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If you found my bakings amusing and/or helpful, you can buy me a coffee - if you don't mind I'll use it to enjoy a cup of tea instead. I also like to hear about your own bakings via chat iconMastodon or mail icone-mail. Thanks!

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I discovered that a recent Nintendo Switch system update came with the feature to download screenshots and videos to your smartphone. I can finally delete my Twitter account that was needed simply to get those stupid shots onto my gaming blog. So, today, I deleted both my Facebook and Twitter account. What a relief.


Me, cautiously applying academic etiquette:
Dear Prof. Surname, Regarding your work blah. Best regards, Wouter Groeneveld.
Reply: Wouter, blah. Cheers! Firstname.

Me, in a slight optimistic mood:
Hi Firstname, On your paper x: blah. Cheers, Wouter.
Reply: Dear Mr. Groeneveld, blah. Sincerely, Prof. Dr. Surname, winner of best paper award x, editor-in-chief y, director z, …



@ Very cool, thanks for mentioning it, I did not yet have Peter’s blog in my RSS reader 😊 I ended up ordering a Pilot Capless, will blog about my findings soon.
Off-topic, but a bit troubling: I actually went to a pen shop in my home town, well-aware that I would be paying premium, but wanting to support local shop owners. It turned out that they charged 500EUR while La Couronne du Comte asks 215EUR. Yoink! I know many physical shops complain that they can’t compete with Amazon-like prices, but this is just bullshit: La Couronne is also a physical store, in Tilburg. I’m happy to pay 10-20% more but this is a bit too much…


Let’s talk about fountain pens 🖋.
I am eager to spend too much money. My current daily writers are a Lamy 2000 F and Pilot Custom Heritage 912 WA. Any suggestions for a little brother/sister?
Aurora’s 88 looks great but my Ipsilon is terrible. A classic Platinum 3776 maybe? Or a European one? Not sure if a good Pelikan can handle the 2000’s competition! Belgium’s own Conid is tempting but the nibs are not that unique.