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Brain Baking
/breɪn ˈbeɪkɪŋ/ Noun

Brain Baking: transforming  personal iconpersonal  thoughts about thoughts into  lightbulb iconwell-digestible material. The reflective aroma of burnt nervous tissue. Includes a crispy crust of relations between   code icontechnology notebook iconphilosophy  and  tags iconthe world .

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Hey! I'm Wouter Groeneveld, a level 35 Brain Baker living in Belgium. I currently find myself teaching, writing, programming, researching, and of course baking bread! Brain Baking is my way to inspire myself and others to ponder and learn.
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If you found my bakings amusing and/or helpful, you can buy me a coffee - if you don't mind I'll use it to enjoy a cup of tea instead. I also like to hear about your own bakings via chat iconMastodon or mail icone-mail. Thanks!

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I am not happy with the complexity I introduced in my RSS feeds and on the site. The culprit: the addition of /notes, or “fleeting thoughts”. I want to offer just The One RSS feed.

Should I terminate the note experiment and relax my “real” blogging rules that state an article should ideally have > 1000 words?
Should I throw out notes in the feed and keep everything else as-is? What’s the point of streaming those to the site then?

Or should I just not care?


@rubenerd Do you have a set of scripts on that converts a typical youtube embed in Hugo to your nice image-with-play-button thingie? I’m tired of iframes and would like to adopt some sort of automation for this. Thanks!


Is there a decent alternative to Google Scholar? I’ve been franticly (manually) scanning abstracts for a systematic literature review we’re writing, and suddenly I have to “prove that I’m not a robot” and select bridges or boats on crappy pictures! This is not only irritating, but also completely breaks my workflow.


Remember when I screwed in a custom PCB on the SNES mini controllers to make them wireless? Well, I might have made a mistake: I miss wires. The damn things are constantly empty and I constantly misplace the non-standardized charging cables.

Ah, the love-hate relationship with batteries… Everything has gone downhill since one stopped using 4 AA batteries in handheld consoles!