About Me

Hi, I’m Wouter Groeneveld, and I have a deep passion to inspire others on everything that drives me. I like to think of myself as one of those Rennaissance Men:

Renaissance man (noun) - a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.

I used to be only good at programming because I thought, as a Master in IT, you specialize instead of generalize. But the more I did with computers, the more my hands itched to do something else. So nowadays I love to go wide and pass on that enthousiasm for knowledge on any level.

Those areas of knowledge include:

Software development

  • Test your stuff before writing your code! I’m a heavy Test Driven Development (TDD) fanboy and I bark at those who don’t! I teach agile software engineering on multiple occasions, ranging from colleagues to schools.
  • I love dynamic languages. I also love converting the haters to the dark side. I teach javascript as a dynamic and functional language - it helps to create your own funky labs to people get more engaged.
  • Pair programming used as a tool to learn from each other and to improve code quality are two values I believe in.


  • I hold a professional bread baker’s degree so naturally I love to think of myself as a real baker.
  • My passion within baking is sourdough, spreading the word by organizing workshops to repopularize it’s use.

Writing and philosophizing

  • A fountain pen addict and avid journaler
  • This blog is the ideal base for writing down my thoughts about virtually anything, primarly intended to amuse myself and not others.


  • Starting out to learn how to use ink other than writing.