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Always have a Diaster Recovery Plan

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A relatively quiet Wednesday morning. I wrote a few JS files, fiddled a bit more with my attempts to get Webmentions working. Timeouts appeared. Huh? Check No response. Huh? Try to login into my VPS administration panel. More timeouts. Huh-wuh?

Uh-oh. This can't be good...

SBG2, one of OVHcloud’s data centers in Strasbourg, was completely destroyed by a fire last night. Luckily, everyone got out in time. Well, except for all VPS servers… Mine is hosted in the adjacent SBG1, and 1/3th of that center is also gone.

The first thing my wife posted on Instagram? “Dear sir/madam. Fire - exclamation mark! Fire - exclamation mark!" - who’s the nerd now?

We were recommended to “activate your disaster recovery plan”. Cool. I didn’t have any, except for a few shoddy bash scripts I wrote about last year. That poor man’s backup plan clearly was not sufficient… I hastily reserved another VPS in Gravelines, just below Dunkirk. DNS IP settings borked, no failover plan, no automatic backups… Getting static websites back up and running in no-time is not a problem. However, my wife’s Wordpress instance was much more painful.

And of course, I forgot to backup the CalDAV and Mastodon databases, and a portion of my wife’s Moodle instance…

So yeah. Wednesday sucked. Time to put Ansible/Docker on the priority queue…

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