Software design in C++

Last changes for academic year 2019 - 2020.

Course notes

This is the English index page, roughly based on the Dutch index, where students can find more information regarding the course itself. All links below contain content in Dutch.

Project results 2018 - 2019

Utilizing the custom-built gba-sprite-engine library residing at Github. See the README there for more information. The engine tiself uses the Tonc C calls behind the scenes.

Survey results

24 recorded participants.

[1] Have you ever played a Game Boy (Advance) game before?

Blue: yes, red: no.

[2] How motivated were you during project work?

Five-point Likert scale. 1: not at all. 5: extremely.

[3] Did the fact that you are developing on the GBA influence your motivation?

Blue: yes, positive; more motivated than classical assignment. Orange: it did not matter for me. Red: negative; less motivated thatn classical assignment.


  1. Introduction in C/C++: context, ecosystem
  2. Pointers in C, dynamic memory in C++
  3. Introduction in Object-Oriented thinking in C++
  4. Templates, operators, STL, summary, exam info

Lab notes

  1. Introduction in C
  2. Pointers in C and C++
  3. GBA Programming in C: an introduction
  4. GBA Programming in C: tilesets, a simple game
  5. Introduction in C++
  6. C++ Class Inheritance, operators and templates
  7. Software design: thinking and testing before coding
  8. GBA Programming in C++: an abstraction layer
  9. GBA Programming in C++: scrolling backgrounds
  10. GUI design with C++ in Qt: an introduction
  11. GUI design with C++ in Qt: porting a GBA game to Qt

Extra information