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Fellow Brain Bakers

Brain Baking never happens in isolation. This page contains a selection of curious websites and fellow bloggers that deserve a shout-out. It is a nostalgic throwback to the nineties links or blogroll pages, like my recently excavated 2007 browser bookmarks.

Visit for a superior curated list of fine personal & independent blogs. If you’re looking for something specific, consider searching on which focuses on content created by independent blogs. Both are great ways to get to know new people and sites.


General Blogging & IndieWeb

  • Digging The Digital by Frank Meeuwsen, the quintessential Dutch blogger.
  • Ana Rodrigues, mixed jottings of tech and personal experiences.
  • BoffoSocko by Chris Aldrich, a modern day cybernetics blogging about blogging.
  • Obsolete29 by Mike Harley, Privacy-aware posts in-between life.
  • Peter Rukavina, Canadian stories on life, journaling, and printing.
  • Stefan Imhoff, a German Stoic that also codes in NeoVim.
  • Roy Tang, a programmer from the Philippines writing about life and games.
  • Henrique Dias, a Portuguese computer scientist living in the Netherlands.

Psychology & Philosophy

Vintage Computing

Retro Gaming

News sites & clubs

As for fan sites, too much to mention: The Castlevania Dungeon, Animal Crossing Blogs by JVGS, Albion (1995, BlueByte) by IS4, Flamestryke’s Wizardry and Might & Magic sites, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and Knights of Lodis.

Board Games