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 Baked Works

A selection of crispy Brain Baked works that left the counter and was served to the world—napkin not included. Take a bite to explore the crust and crumb of these treats.

Prose in Words

thumbnail of Work The Creative Programmer The Creative Programmer
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A practical book to help programmers unleash their creative potential.

thumbnail of Work Academic Publications Academic Publications
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A list of (co)-authored and published research papers.

thumbnail of Work Brain Baking Brain Baking
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You're looking at it!

Prose in Code

For those interested in smaller but technical buns of baked goodness, have fun exploring my open source projects at or my contributions at GitHub.
thumbnail of Work Go-Jamming Go-Jamming
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A Go-powered microservice to connect your blog to the IndieWeb.

thumbnail of Work GBA Sprite Engine GBA Sprite Engine
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An object-oriented Game Boy Advance sprite engine for students to learn C++.

thumbnail of Work JavaScript JUnit Runner JavaScript JUnit Runner
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A custom JUnit runner that runs JS tests headlessly in your IDE.

thumbnail of Work DS Doom DS Doom
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A PrBoom-based port of DOOM on the Nintendo DS.

thumbnail of Work The Webdesign Museum The Webdesign Museum
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Musings of personal nineties and noughties websites.