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  » Almost done constructing

Well hello there!
The site is nearly complete, for the most part the coding is 100% done. I didn't really want to make it myself extremely difficult so there's not too much PHP & Java stuff in it. Wich is good; makes it faster. What do you think of the navigation 'trick' I stumbled upon while browsing the web? Yeah it's not my idea but I really like it and you can keep it short that way.

Hopefully the first few sections will be done this evening... Have fun & revisit the site soon!

  By Jefklak at 01 Februari 2005  

  » A new site is coming up!

Yup, you heard me... I finally descided to make myself a little RPG fansite, yust for the heck of it. I like visiting someone's website - if it only contains some useless information about my favourite RPG wich I already know - yust because of THEIR experience. Well, this time, I would like to write down my own experience with different characters & parties and share it with you!
There will also be a section where you can download my savegames, movies, patches, mods and much much more. The barebone is nearly finished yet, so if you revisit the site within a week or so, most things should be online by then. Thanks for dropping by!

  By Jefklak at 31 Januari 2005