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First of all, let me welcome you to our (actually, mine) brand new website! Please enjoy your stay.
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  » Finally added some stuff

Yeah it was about time...
Anyway I yust briefly updated the screenshots section, adding 3 brand new screens for this nice month. Have been poking aroud with my fwvm configuration file for quite a while and I think the new theme fits exactly my needs, hehe.
The downloads section is also slightly changed: removed kernel patches (more info see there) and added some configuration files (like zsh, Xdefaults and more of that).
Finally, I temporary removed all MySQL stuff from home.php - it took me too much to add some news... As lazy as I am (hehe), this works faster. I will edit the "about" section and replace it with some trivial projects page or so. See you soon!

  By Jefklak at 22 Februari 2005