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Master HCI Informatica
Shrimp Refuge
Wiz8 Vault
Gaming Age Forum
NSider Forums
My Ebay

Live Feeds!

4ColorRebellion Feed
BetaNews Feed
Jefklak's Codex Feed
Slashdot Feed

Blowfish encryption
Wikipedia Main Page

Video Games!

PC: Modifications

Infinity Engine

Baldurdash Game Fixes
BG2 Portrait Portal
BG2 // NWN Portrait Gallery
Pocket Plane Group
Spellhold Studios
The Black Wyrm's Lair Mods
The Chosen of Mystra
The Gibberlings Three
WeiDU Mod Set

Neverwinter Nights

Pack: Player Resource Consortium
Pack: Community Expansion Pack
Modules: GameOgre NWN Lair
Modules: Neverwinter Nights Stratics
Modules: Neverwinter Vault IGN
Modules: Shadowlords & Dreamcatcher

Unreal Tournament 2004

Alien Swarm - TopDown Shooter Mod
Frag.Ops - Realism Conversion
LawDogs [beta] - Western Conversion
Red Orchestra - WOIl Conversion
TO:Crossfire Website UT2004 Linux FAQ
Maps4mods - UT2004 mod maps
Unreal Tournament - ut2004 / downloads
UT 2004 Topsites -

KOTOR II: Restoration Project
ModDB - Every Mods!
Raven Shield Mods, Maps and Info
Seven Towers: Exult Mods
Warcraft III Maps & Mods

Handheld: Homebrew


DSWiki - Graphic modes
Introduction to Nintendo DS Programming
libnds devkitpro Documentation
Programmers Guide to Nintendo DS - DS Passme
Dev-Scene/DS Homebrew Files
Drunken Coders GBA/DS dev news
GBADev news/forums
GBATemp GBA Release List
Goomba Color aplpha
Homebrew Nintendo DS Development
Nintendo DS Emulation News DS DCEmu index

Console: Nintendo

4 color rebellion [Nintendo blog]
Cubed3 | Nintendo Games Database
DS-Gamer: 100% Nintendo DS!
Dual Screen Radio online show
Go Nintendo Blog
Wii NIntendo Blog

Games: Specific & Help


Arcanum Maps & NPCs - Mike's place
Bigorrin's Arcanum Help e.d.
Car Arcanum MOD
Dimensions of Arcanum - Workshop
GameFAQs Walktrough
Terra Arcanum >> Troika Games

Jagged Alliance 2

Jagged Alliance 2 Basis ( Ja2 )
JA2 Mercenary and NPC Statistics
Jagged Alliance Galaxy Forum
JA2 Gamefaqs Walktrough

Might & Magic

Might and Magic - The Tome of Knowledge
Might & Magic VII Guide
Might & Magic VIII - MMWorld DE
Might&Magic VIII - Walkthrough

Wizardry 8

*Cosmic Forge* Editor for Wiz6/7/8
Avenstar's Wizardry 8 Resource Page
Ironworks Forum: Wiz 8 TIPS
Jandralls Wizardry 8 Stuff
Spydah's Wizardry Guide Database
Wiz8 Maps & walktrough
Wizardry 8 IGN Spoiler Board
Wizardry 8 FAQ Page
Wolfie's Wizardry 8 Info Site

Civ4 Complete Walthrough
Diablo 2 @
Emperor Heaven: Housing Block Essay
Ether Planes - Etherlords I/II Replays
Kiya´s Divine Divinity
Flamestryke's Wiz8/MM7-8
Mike's RPG Center
No Mutants Allowed - Fallout!
Simtropolis 4.0

Games: News & Reviews

3D Gamers - Download Patches
IGN Games - PC Section
ToTheGame Release-Lists
The Adrenaline Vault
Adventure Gamers
MMORPG.COM - Headquarters
rpg codex index
RPGDot - the fastest news
RPG Watch
Sorcerer's Place - NWN, D&D News

Games: Retronauts

Retro: Abandonware

Abandonia - Home of abandonware DOS games
Home of the Underdogs
Lost Treasures Fr - oldies en français
MobyGames: Game Browser
NT Compatibility Database - Games
Old Games on New PCs Forum
The Good Old Days

Retro: Console Minded

Console Classix: Gameboy Titles
FlyingOmelette Retro Stuff
NINTENDO LAND - classic games.
PCEngine Catalog Project
Video Game Sprites Retronauts

Retro: Game Specific

The Castlevania Dungeon
Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

Build Engine games on WinXP
Video Game Museum (GBA Endings e.a.)
VGMusic MIDI Archive
ScummVM Adventure game interpreter
Short Story - FF Soundtracks/movies etc
Short Story -
The Hunt: Rise of the Triad

Adventure Legends downloads
Galbadia Hotel - Video Game Music
GameFAQs resource
Game TV Commercials
Gaming FM Streaming Radio
PC Savegames Downloads
Replacementdocs Game Manuals
Speed Demos Archive - Game List
The Cover Project


AnandTech: hardware analysis HW Reviews
Guru3D Graphic Drivers - UK Technology News
HowardForums: SE Mobile
Lpatopvideo2Go download INFs
PS2: Component VS Composite

Unix Documentation

Articles & Howto's

Frank's Wine Corner
Phil!'s ZSH Prompt
RoxWiki - Icon Themes
Converting mac Icons to PNG via Linux
WineX Tips n Tricks
Quick Bash Scripting Guide

Berkeley Software Distributions - search
Comprehensive Guide To FreeBSD
FreeBSD Handbook
FreeBSD Ports - Search
Setting up a PF firewall @ openBSD
Why switch Linux > BSD ?

Linux Kernel Coding

ACPI DSDT initrd Patches
Con Kolivas's kernel patches
KernelTrap News
Linux Kernel Programming Guide

Window Managers

E17 CVS Documentation
FVWM Beginners Guide - Index
FVWM - Crystal - Gallery
FVWM - Man page - index
Fvwm Lair Forum
PEM's Gentoo / Fvwm
XFCE4 Desktop Environment

Collective Lib for Linux Knowledge: ArsLinux
Gentoo Linux Wiki
Linux Counter || 333296 Screenshot Archive
The Linux Documentation Project


C // C++

C++ reference libraries
CodeGuru: Visual C++ / C++
OpenGL tutorials -- Game Tutorials
Qt 3.3 Reference Documentation
SDL Library Documentation v1.2.3-rev1
Standard Template Library - Index

eXtensible Lang.

SAXON XSLT and XQuery Processor
The Expat XML Parser
XML v1.0Rev3 W3C Standard
XPath Expression Syntax
XSL v1.1 W3C Standard

Java // JSP // SQL

How to Use JTables
JDK 5 Documentation
JSP Syntax Reference
Quick JSP Tutorial
Xerces-J API DOM Parser

Perl // Python // Ruby

Gtk2-perl ::main documentation
Programming Ruby First Edition
Rails Framework Documentation
Ruby, Python, "Power"
Ruby Class and Library Reference
Ruby on Rails Wiki
Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby


A Gentle Introduction to SQL
MySQL Manual | RegExprs
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
SQLCODE Lookup Table

.NET Dev: C# Class Library
ColorMatch Remix
Dynamic Drive- DHTML & JavaScript - All resources
Flash Kit - Flash Developing
The Code Project: VS/.NET Resource

Useful Software

DScaler - TV & Video Deinterlacer open-source soft
MozillaExt: Adblock Plus
SpeedswitchXP Dell Control
The Mp3/Tag Studio Homepage

Wallpapers & Art

Application Themes -- Download Skins
Lila Theme homepage
GNOME artwork & themes
Theme Depot - Source for all things themed

Fonts & Icons

1001 Free Fonts
Download fonts | Icons
InterfaceLIFT: Newest Mac icons
The Iconfactory: Freeware Icons Hub

Photoshop Articles

B-man Artworks | Tutorials
Effectlab Tutorials - 3568 Tutorials
Spoono - Photoshop & Flash

73lab: Purple tux - Ayo
Florian Freundt | Wallpapers
Klowner's Wallpapers
netghost's Gallery // DeviantART
Pixelgirl Presents Icons & Wallpapers
Rasterbator Poster Processor
stock.xchng - stock photography
Tux Factory: CrystalXP

Board & cardgames

Magic the Gathering

Magic Deck Vortex DB
Magic the Gathering @ Five Colors, One Source

999 Games
AnderSpel overzicht
BoardGameGeek - database articles - spellen
Brickshelf LEGO Instructions
Funagain Games Store & Reviews ENG
LEGO BrickFactory Scans
Spellengek Recente Recensies
Spellenstapel menu
The Hypertext v3.5 d20 System Ref.
Vlaams spellenarchief - Vertalingen

Bored: Funny Stuff

Web Comics

All Comics Browser
Comic Strips by wulffmorgenthaler.
Ctrl+Alt+Del Comics
Dueling Analogs
JOHN AND JOHN a sick comic by d!o
Lectrrland Cartoons
Nuklear Power Comic
VG Cats - Updated Mondays Free TV Episodes Online
AtomFilms: Best short films & animations
BowMaster Flash Game
Every Video Game in Java/Flash
Newgrounds Presents: Games
Uitzending Gemist (NL)


Acronym Finder
AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation
Currency Calculator Reference
Infobel Telefoonboek
ViaMichelin Route Planner Europe


Hip-Hop hecks, Thugs & Rock-N-Roll
HipHopSite.Com - New Releases Hip-Hop Street Knowledge
Underground Hip Hop dot com

AllMusic search engine
CDUniverse samples
Divxstation - Download Subtitles - DVD Backup Resource
Musicplasma : visual search engine
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
cd covers search engine megasearch (PC & DVD only)

Aankoop & Verkoop

Kaart- en bordspellen

Adriaensen Gezelschapsspellen BE
Luk Delombaerde spellen BE
WinGames particulieren - BE
Allgames4you DE (best) - sneller, beter & goedkoper NL - Bordspellen NL

Amazon books etc ENG
BOL | Home | Welkom
Cheap Ass Gamer!
Play-Asia Import shop
Startup Software Online (UK)
Video Games Plus Canada
[vv] Computer DE
ALTERNATE. Hardware DE :: computer shop