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No copyright - No Tracking

Because sharing is caring.

Inspired by Leo Babauta’s “uncopyright and the minimalist mindset”, I decided to apply this to my own website.

I’ve always detested the ‘this is mine!'-mindset, especially when it comes to intellectual property. Everyone benefits if everything is open and everyone can build upon each other’s work. A possible financial loss is not an excuse. Leo has found copyrights not to be particularly helpful, so he simply got rid of them. He sells thousands of ebooks monthly. You have the right to share them with friends. He would rather have you buy them, but this way his work reaches a broader audience.

The source of this website is available at my Brain Baking Github repository. Feel free to do with it whatever you want: copy excerpts, republish images, use code partials, rip the theme, … There’s a reason the repository is public.

Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others. Brian Tracy

Of course I would be really grateful if you would still attribute Brain Baking as the source of your used material. However, I do not want to oblige you to do so using a confusing Creative Commons licence.

No Tracking

Who doesn’t like cookies? I’m a baker - I would know. Well, I don’t like cookies on websites, because they rise privacy concerns. That is why, inspired by Laura Kalbag’s “I don’t track you” philosophy, I do everything I can to not track you, but to track traffic instead.

I achieved this by ditching Google Analytics and hosting third-party libraries myself. So rest assured, Google does not know you were here! Instead, I use Fathom, a simple and privacy-focused analytics system that is self-hosted. It does require one simple cookie but it’s on my own SSL-verified domain.

The commenting system I self-host is Commento, a fast, privacy-focused commenting platform. It does come with cookies if you decide to login, but again: it’s on my own SSL-verified domain.

When a YouTube video is embedded into one of these pages, it will run in “no cookie” mode. That means content will be served from, preventing Google from tracking my visitors.

Read more about how tracking works in this blog post.