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Half-Baked Thought

I spent the day pretending to attend a virtual Gop...

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I spent the day pretending to attend a virtual GopherCon thanks to the plethora of YouTube recordings. I promptly ordered two Go programming books after the first talk. Professionally, I was a Java/C#/JS dev, and I dabbled in C/C++/Python. This looks like a (relieving) breath of fresh air - and luckily, I’m very familiar with pass-by-value and pointers.

Things still bewilder me, of course. The books haven’t arrived yet 😅 The presence of many Makefiles in GitHub Go projects - even though Go is explicitly designed to do without them - freaks me out. Devs saying “just place the _test.go files next to your implementation” freaks me out. (src/main/java, src/test/java…) The magic of “go build” without any verbosity freaks me out. The absence of “–save-dev” in “go get” freaks me out. I’m used to so many mundane complexity in development environments that encountering something touting simplicity is immediately marked as suspicious by my subconsciousness!

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