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Let's talk about fountain pens πŸ–‹. I am eager to s...

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Let’s talk about fountain pens πŸ–‹.
I am eager to spend too much money. My current daily writers are a Lamy 2000 F and Pilot Custom Heritage 912 WA. Any suggestions for a little brother/sister?
Aurora’s 88 looks great but my Ipsilon is terrible. A classic Platinum 3776 maybe? Or a European one? Not sure if a good Pelikan can handle the 2000’s competition! Belgium’s own Conid is tempting but the nibs are not that unique.

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In reply to Wouter’s posting on eyeing a new fountain pen. My friend Peter Rukavina enjoys fountain pens a lot too. He recently posted about a TWSBI pen where each one is slightly unique due to the colorisation of the titanium used. You should prob...

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