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Half-Baked Thought

More nineties collecting nostalgia. After I wrote ...

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More nineties collecting nostalgia. After I wrote about it at my wife dug up a shoebox full of… well… judge for yourself.

From left to right:
Kinder Surprise figurines, Polly Pocket, Trolls??, glass pacifiers she remembers tying to her shoelaces, Simpsons pog variants, absurd amounts of various Panini stickers including my favorite Aladdin series, Beauty and the Beast 10 “Upper Deck” 3D hologram cards in a booster pack, Spice Girls Chupa Chups wraps, mini collectable stickers from random gums, more stickers, and even sealed Suske & Wiske (Belgian comic) sticker packs by Service Line in Moderna from 1995.

What do you still have from that time? I was stupid enough to throw out my SPACIX and Flippos.

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