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Another strange habit of many contemporary IndieWe...

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Another strange habit of many contemporary IndieWeb bloggers: the urge to publish simply everything. A result of perhaps chanting “own your data!” a couple of times too much? For example, endless “likes” such as or “checkins” such as that, in my opinion, ultimately end up polluting my RSS reader instead of enriching it.

The consequence is me simply stopping from reading your site(s). Is liking or bookmarking without producing anything unique yourself really something that entices your readers to come back for more? I understand wanting to keep track of those, but are they really a part of your writings? That’s not blogging anymore, not even micro-blogging.

Thoughts, @ton ? A solution would be to have multiple RSS endpoints, such as you and I have, but these aren’t always configured the way I, as a consumer, want them to be.

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Thank you Wouter for the read. I accept your criticism of my practice. To explain my personal intent, I used to use Diigo to capture such links. However, I turned to using my own sites as I wanted to own the data. I am not worried about whether it is...

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Wouter schrijft op zijn blog (en reageert zo automatisch op mijn blogpost, waardoor ik er van weet, magie!) over een vreemde gewoonte van sommige bloggers om álles te documenteren op het eigen domein. Als voorbeeld geeft Wouter mijn verzameling van ...

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