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Half-Baked Thought

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I wonder how you set your date frontmatter, which isn’t mentioned clearly? If I make a new note, I fire up a stupid JS script that creates the file accordingly—something akin to your method—but also formats the date (and pries out the active Firefox tab I want to “respond” to using Webmentions, see )

For me, I don’t want that many prompts and find those annoying, I just want to automatically make the file in the right location with as much metadata filled in as possible. It then opens the file in Sublime. Title, tags, and content is added by hand.

@wouter I have now updated my original post and printed the code from the shell script in the new post automation. The code was visible in the script screenshot only. You can now see I have both date and last_modified_at in my Front Matter, formatted...

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