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Half-Baked Thought

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Excellent summary Roy, cheers! I dug around in your archives and discovered you were into MtG way back in 2001—that’s exactly the same year as I started playing! Since you regularly post updates on your digital Arena grinds, I was wondering how you migrated from analog to digital MtG. I only play with “the real stuff”, but as a consequence, I regularly have trouble finding buddies to play with.

Since discovering Commander, I much prefer playing it like that: more chaos and politics, more crazy cards, and it’s not always the player with the most expensive deck that wins. Most of my stuff is geared towards a budget anyway.

Perhaps we can do a few rounds using one day? 😀

Commenter photo Roy Tang said... Thanks for the kind words. I actually started playing a bit earlier than that, waaaay back in '95. I've always...

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