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Half-Baked Thought

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This part made me want to reply:

Listens and watches probably constitute a large part of the posts of this website. Are they useful however? Do they bring anything to you, or to me? Honestly, I don’t think so. However, I enjoy seeing the summary about what I have watched and my listening habits.

So they do bring something to you: that summary. However, in my view, many IndieWeb enthusiasts overdo this bit. I also really really love lists and summaries etc, but simply keep track of them elsewhere: in my (analog) journal. Do they need to be put online? Is that the question you want to pose?

I honestly never read that stuff if I see it in my RSS reader. Except if there’s context added! Same for bookmarks/links: I don’t care for a random link collection, but I do care for summarized ones with some context. Which ones do you recommend me as a reader of your blog, and why? If it’s just stuff you’re gathering, why not keep it private?

So no, I don’t think every update should be a post. It doesn’t make sense


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