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Half-Baked Thought

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Hugo only generates the root my-post/index.html from posts/my-post/ (I had to run Hugo first to test this.)

No it doesn’t. That’s completely up to the theme and usage of your files.

For example, I organize my Brain Baking content like so: content/post/2022/07/ Works flawlessly. Notes like these reside in content/notes/2022/08/ On Jefklak’s Codex, it’s the folders content/games/switch/ or content/articles/

I maintain the same structure in my static/ folder, making including media super-easy: ![](done.jpg). Just make sure to convert it to an absolute path in your RSS—that’s what render-image.html is for.

If you really want to know, you can dig in the source of my Hugo themes. Again, this might be the fault of the sloppy docs and the arguably high learning curve.

Commenter photo Roy Tang said... A path like content/post/2022/07/ doesn't work if you want to bundle your resources together w...

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I'm Wouter Groeneveld, a Brain Baker, and I love the smell of freshly baked thoughts (and bread) in the morning. I sometimes convince others to bake their brain (and bread) too.

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