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Gotcha, I wasn’t aware that resources were the problem. There’s a long discussion on the discourse page of Hugo regarding this, but the gist is: that also works! 😅

I just tried that with my site. If I simply move every resource from /static to the corresponding folder, e.g. /content/post/2022/07/image.jpg, then it works without any change. Keep in mind that I include my images using the path ../image.jpg if you want your content file to be in the 07 folder as well. That’s not needed if you create a separate dir for reach post, and can be circumvented by hacking render-image.html.

Anyway. I agree that the whole SSG system can be needlessly complex (and confusing). To me, a Django or Wordpress setup doesn’t alleviate that.

Commenter photo Roy Tang said... Yeap, having your images in the content works natively, but unless you package them as a Page Bundle (i.e. your...

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