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Half-Baked Thought

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Interesting approach, providing both options! I personally think DuckDuckGo’s search results could be better, plus it’s not neatly embedded into my own site: there’s a chance people won’t come back.

I couldn’t find your search link 😅 Why not add it on top of the blog list page? Also, if I disable JS, the message “Please enable JavaScript to use the search functionality, or use the form below.” appears below your footer, at the very bottom of the page, instead of next to the “start typing to see the results” input form.

That most popular posts link is interesting though, do you frequently update it by hand?

Oh, and in your “more” page, a link to /notes is missing, but I presume that’s on purpose? Currently, visitors can’t discover that here. Luke squishes multiple links together with a drop-down.

@wouter thanks for the debug! Since I released this version of the website I’ve must have changed the layout a billion times and didn’t test the JS behavior properly… I’m not fussed about DuckDuckGo, all the results lead to my website anyway...

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