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November 2021 Meta Post

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And out of nowhere, it suddenly was December. I’m struggling to keep up with time lately, and typing this makes me feel very old.

I’ve spotted a trend in many other blogs I read: the weekly or monthly “what happened” meta posts and blogrolls that, besides giving a quick overview of the blogger’s past few weeks, is also an excellent opportunity to share loose ends that aren’t worth it to be converted into full-fetched blog posts. I’d like to chime in for a few months. It seems good fun, and since I don’t like writing small posts that mainly quote or refer to others, this is a great way to share those links.

What happened in November 2021?

Books I’ve read

Papyrus is possibly the best—and thickest—book I’ve read this year! For December, I bought another Haruki Murakami to satisfy the crazy fiction hunger, while Carol Dweck’s Mindset, that has been collecting dust for years, will be the next non-fiction target.

Games I’ve played

Kathy Rain was really, really good, and got me in a point & click mood. I’m trying to pick up Irony Curtain again, we gave up somewhere in Chapter 2. We’re replaying Gobliins 2 while staring at Monkey Island posters, so you know what’s coming next…

Selected blog posts

Random stuff

Curios to see what this month will bring.

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