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December 2021 In Review

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December 2021. A shitty month with dreadfully little sunshine and permanent dark, gloomy cloudiness alternated with rain. If I wasn’t depressed yet, I sure am now. COVID spikes made us switch to online classes yet again and almost foiled my attempts to gather data for our latest study. I tried to focus my energy on writing the first draft of a book on creativity for programmers, which is progressing nicely. The hunt for publishers is on.

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Books I’ve read

Murakami’s bildung novel was as crazy experienced Murakami readers would expect it to be. The subject was less appealing to me than the Wind-up Chronicles but other than that, I enjoyed the read. De Wachter’s little booklet is full of interesting philosophical quotes but way too expensive and left me wanting for more. Better to read the Ancient Great Ones instead.

Games I’ve played

Not much, really. Last week, I bought myself Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS and Mario Party Superstars, and got gifted Metroid Dread. A few days ago, a big sale was about to end, and I quickly grabbed the Guacamelee port on the Switch. Working my way through as we speak. So far, I’m not that impressed.

Selected blog posts

Random stuff

I wonder, should I try out to buy some good ol' Rockman on GBA?

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