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February 2022 In Review

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February 2022 is no more. The editing process of my new book is proving to be more challenging (and exhausting) than I imagined. We went on a short trip to greet the Winter North Sea and had a great time: the low season made it calm and we weren’t bothered by the clouds and wind. Except for the storm the week after that, wow! I encountered a CD shop by accident, Mike made me buy a lot of those, and it got me thinking about how to re-evaluate my music listening habits.

A week later and a NAS richer, another week of fooling around with new hardware—it’s like a toy for a techie—flew by before I knew it. It’s been great fun so far. I’m exploring my parent’s CD collection right now and have to admit that I’m pretty bad at naming eighties songs, although I do recognize a lot of the tunes. That’s what happens when you turn to the Shaolin side. I’m ripping a bunch of De Pre Historie (a popular Flemish pop collection) seventies and eighties albums as I type this to alleviate my laughable classic music knowledge.

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Books I’ve read

  • Verdwaalde stad (Lost city) by Jean-Paul van Bendegem. A disappointingly pedantic writing style with postscripts upon postscripts that had me discard the book prematurely. Too bad since the philosophical theme of wanderings in and around cities sounded appealing.
  • L. De lezer van de 19de eeuw (L. The reader of the 19th century) by Marita Mathijsen. A lovingly well-put together literary history book on the Low Lands in the 19th century chuck full of beautiful scans and a smooth writing style. Recommended for Dutchies.

I still have to take a look at Histories and stuff from Homer—something I promised myself I’d do in the beginning of this year. Lots of time left in 2022, right?

Games I’ve played

Way too little. I haven’t even found the time to review any of them.

  • Puzzle Quest by Infinite Interactive on the Nintendo DS. I think I played exactly thirty minutes. Can’t say much yet, except that it’s damn hard on the normal difficulty level, something I didn’t expect form a bejeweled clone!
  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes by Capybara Games on the Nintendo DS. This is a deeply satisfying turn-based Tetris-like take on the puzzle game genre infused with RPG elements and I love it to bits—even though it has little to nothing to do with the Might & Magic universe as I know it from the eighties and nineties PC games.

Selected blog posts

  • A (Pi-Hole) blacklist/blocklist collection
  • Blue SCSi: A SCSi to SD interface for your retro computing gear!
  • LibreWolf: a Firefox fork with more privacy in mind—given the latest weird marketing and ad-oriented moves from Mozilla…
  • A Data Visualisation Catalogue in case you’re out of inspiration
  • Mail Tester dot com, a neat tool to double-check your DMARK, SPF, and DKIM DNS headers.

I haven’t enjoyed this month as much as the previous one, nor did I collect really interesting stuff. Hopefully March will bring more enjoyment (and sun…).

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