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A Workflow Interview

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My Hacker News post Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs attracted the attention of Yuvraj Singh, who is putting together an ongoing collection of interviews with people who do interesting work—those are his words, not mine!. Raj has his interviews up at and was heavily inspired by the “Uses This” collection of interviews about tools and techniques they use for work to get stuff done.

Read Raj’s interview of me over at Syntopikon if you’re interested in my aspirations, the people that inspire me, how I discover interesting things, and the workflow I employ. Spoiler: it has something to do with analog journaling! I’ll go ahead and cite myself to lure you all in:

I keep post-it notes in my car, in my jacket, on the bed-side table, … Gotta catch ‘em all!

Ooh, that calls for a thorough read, don’t you think?

Thanks for reaching out Raj, I enjoyed that one!

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