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Organizing The Board Game Shelf With Tom

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The geeky but venerable Shut Up & Sit Down show now and then releases “special” videos next to their regular video reviews of all things board games. I’ve been catching up on those lovely bits of geekiness and especially enjoyed Tom’s 92(ish) Board Games (As Of March 2022), in which Quinns tries to make fun of Tom’s messy state of his personal board game cabinet—largely succeeding after Tom manages to tip over almost everything on the top shelf.

YouTube video tV7BfRyKOLA

Poor Tom. That said, I really like his left-to-right system, in which “things enter the shelf” on the left (board games to review and check out), the “best ones” firmly stay put in the middle, and the less stellar boxes are escorted out to the right to land on the messy pile of shame next to the cabinet, which get sold or given away. The video inspired me to take another look at our own cabinet, bulking with stuff we barely play. I might even make another list of top x things. The thought of that makes me excited, yay!

The last time I thoroughly inspected Board Game Geek’s hotness list of trending games, I recognized almost nothing. Imagine walking into your local game store with zero prior knowledge, on the lookout for a “fun game to play once and a while”, you know, with physical components, on a table, preferably with a friend or two. It almost feels like that last time we ordered a new dishwasher. Completely mind-numbed after an hour or two of aimless scrolling on the internet and driving to various stores to inspect them. There seems to be too much of everything.

Most of Tom’s “Ooh, I like this one!” were also unfamiliar to me, which is great, ‘cause now I have another excuse to become invested again. Another interesting system mentioned in passing in the video: if you want to get rid of a box, perhaps try out a friend sharing rotation system instead. I’m not sure if that’s effective, as you’ll likely don’t want your friend to take out that box when playing at their place.

Anyway, do check out Shut Up & Sit Down, their content is stellar, and they could use your support. Meanwhile, I’ll try to make room for just one more game…

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