• Software design in Java, KULeuven & UHasselt industrial engineering
    The fundamentals of software design thought in Java. We use JavaFX as a prime example to explain the concept of dividing big problems into subproblems and thinking about who needs to do what (Model View Controller)
    Industrial engineers with and without IT specialization both follow this course.


  • Test Driven Design for Teachers
    Based on our own experience and books we’ve read. These files will be used to teach and educate others on how to write clean code, in an object-oriented way. Using tests as a solid base.


  • Clean Code courses
    Based on our own experience and books we’ve read. These files will be used to teach and educate others on how to write clean code, in an object-oriented way. This course is aimed towards college students in IT.


  • Javascript courses
    includes part 1 - JS as a dynamic language and part 2 - DOM Tree manipulation, events etc. A practical course including a lot of exercises to help colleagues get up to speed fast. Includes ES5 features.


  • Javascript as a functional, dynamic language
    These slides are in dutch! You have been warned.
    Javascript as a functional, dynamic language - not simply as a GUI editing tool.
    Contents: primitives, objects, prototypal inheritance, functions, closures, scoping, contexting, pitfalls. Excluding the labs.

  • Agile software engineering
    (slides private property of previous employer)
    A three-day workshop covering the theory and practice of software engineering, the agile way. It covers how a sprint works, what a burndown is, what continuous deployment is, how to set up a build server but also what refactoring is, how to use the shortcuts (in Eclipse using Java). This workshop is intended to be used within the company but we’ve also given this course to Thomas More campus Geel.


Some talks are given in Dutch, others in English. I’ve copied over a quick description in the target language.

On soft skills for developers


  • Cultivating the right problem solving skills
    When you start working as a software developer somewhere, chances are you’ll feel great and write some completely awesome code which proudly has your name labeled on when committing. After a while, problems start to head your way. Things start to break - or maybe never worked in the first place. What should you do? How do you fix stuff? Wait, how do you find out what’s wrong? And where to fix it? After these steps, you can try to ask yourself how to fix it. And how to prevent it from ever happening again.


  • The Creative polyglot
    What is a polyglot developer? How can you apply creativity to software development? Would you rather be a great C# developer, or a great software developer? Choose to learn from other languages and don’t be afraid to steal concepts & principles. Dare to admit you don’t know anything about something. Learn to work with constraints.

On software engineering


  • Increase your productivity with Power Tools
    Geïnspireerd door Neal Ford zijn boek “The Productive Programmer” doen wij er alles aan om elke dag efficiënter te werk te gaan. We raken even onze favoriete en veel gebruikte features aan van onze favoriete tools en laten zien hoe we met zo weinig mogelijk effort toch veel werk kunnen verrichten.


  • Javascript Unit testing & build integration
    My Devoxx 2012 presentation on unit testing javascript code within your enterprise software build system. It covers the why, what and how’s on how to integrate Jasmine tests into your (java-based) build system, for instance using Maven. A demo of a self-made Eclipse-plugin to run jasmine and junit tests side by side is also shown.

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