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DS Doom

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In 2006, together with Chuck Moyes (as TheChuckster) and Dave Murphy (as WinterMute), I helped port the popular iD game DOOM to the Nintendo DS and DSi. DS Doom is a source port, based on PrBoom 2.4.2. The latest official version is 1.2.1. Being a homebrew application, it required the use of a DS flash card—such as the DS X-Treme I used—or a modded DSi/3DS in order to play it on your handheld.

You can see a development version of the game running on my DS Lite:

Will it run DOOM? Yes it does!

Most of my work concentrated on the second screen and the map buffer. Save state support worked since version 1.1.0 Rev 1—see the archived changelog for more information. We never managed to get the soundtrack working on the ARM7TDMI, the second DS CPU. The port was written in C++.

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