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Linux 2.6 -Klak sources

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Back in 2003–2004, the Linux 2.6 kernel was brand new and still in experimental mode. As a computer science student, I got knee-deep into compiling everything myself and installed the Gentoo Linux distribution. I followed the mailing list and contributed to maintaining experimental patches that included early Reiser4 and fbsplash compatibility.

You can see the Gentoo installation with custom patchset running:

Gentoo Linux running FVM and kernel patches.

More recuperated screenshots can ben found in my 2020 blog post Desktop Screenshots of Olde. The patchset was compiled and written in C.

In 2005, my growing interest in the FreeBSD OS and the speed at which these 2.6 patchsets grew stale eventually made me stop maintaining them. Sadly, the original source was lost over time.

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