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Open Source Contributions

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I try to contribute to Open Source Softare where I can, mostly by improving upon the libraries and frameworks I happen to be using in context of a project, under the mantra “eat your own dog food”. Below is a list of all open source projects I’ve contributed to.

Most of these contributions are small and humble adjustments. For those interested in substantial prose in code, please see the Brain Baking Works list.

Title Year Language
Gobot, a Go framework for robotics, SBCs, and IoT 2023 Go
Adafruit_Blinka, the CircuitPython API for MicroPython devices 2023 Python
hltb-alfred-workflow, an Alfred workflow for the HLTB site 2022 Ruby
Yarn Berry documentation update 2021 HTML
Commento, a privacy-focused commenting platform 2020 Go JS
vlaamseprogrammeerwedstrijd, the university collab programming contests 2020 Various
FieldsLinker, a visual link matcher 2019 JS
opbasm, the Open PicoBlaze Assembler 2019 Nim
gba-tileeditor, a Qt-based tile editor for GBA dev. 2018 C++
png2gba, A GBA dev. image conversion utility 2018 C++
ExtJSWebdriver, make WebDriver scenario testing for ExtJS less painful 2017 C#
PratoGame, a Phaser-based HTML5 game by devs for devs 2017 JS
Gulp-svn, a Subversion plugin for Gulp JS 2017 JS
GoHugo, the Hugo (static site generator in Go) docs 2017 HTML
Sausage, a Selenium REST API 2015 PHP
net-deep-copy, a fast object cloning utility (unmerged) 2014 C#
NHibernate & NHibernate-Caches, a DB ORM framework (rejected) 2014 C#
GhostDriver, a remote WebDriver protocol using PhantomJS 2013 JS
boostrap-wysihtml5, a WYSIWYG editor in Bootstrap (unmerged) 2013 HTML

I'm Wouter Groeneveld, a Brain Baker, and I love the smell of freshly baked thoughts (and bread) in the morning. I sometimes convince others to bake their brain (and bread) too.

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